Willow Tree Friendship Box

  • Tree Memory Box for Friendship
  • Tree Memory Box for Friendship

Friendship is one of the most beautiful types of relationship in the world. There is no commitment, but two persons in a friendship are always ready to do anything for his friend in real friendship. Our friends enhance our modes by interacting with us every day. They stand by us when no one else and most of the time they are the one that provides a helping hand when we need support from.

If you want to show your gratitude to your friend about your friendship, then a gift can be a perfect way to do it. However, there are not a lot of gift ideas available for friends. If you are searching for gift ideas for your friend, then let us help you. The Willow Tree Friendship Box can be a perfect gift that you can give to your friend.  Keep reading this article to know more this amazing gift. Here we will describe why you should choose it as a gift for your sweet friend.

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Why Should You Gift Willow Tree Friendship Box?

Friendship is a different kind of relationship. To express your feeling for your friend, you may not directly tell him about what you feel. Actions are considered as bolder than the sayings in friendship. That is why a gift can be a great way to show your gesture to your friend. The Willow Tree Friendship Box can be meaningful for your friend. Here some reason to choose the hand-painted Willow Tree Friendship Box for gifting to your friend.

Meaningful Message

The Willow Tree hand-painted sculpted Keepsake Box is not just a box. It designed in a beautiful way to describe a message. The beautiful sculpture is constructed from wood with pure care to give it a meaningful look. On top of the box, there are sculpture two persons who indicate to a friendship. It seems like one person is sharing his thoughts and another person is listening with full concentration. This is exactly what friendship about. There is also a sentiment that comes inside the box which texts like “forever true, forever friends” including a beautiful friendship box. The Willow Tree hand-painted sculpted Keepsake Box can represent an emotion along with expressing love, healing, closeness, courage, hopes, and emotion of a life well lived with a friend.

Beautiful Design

The design of the Willow Tree hand-painted sculpted Keepsake Box is exceptional. At first glance, you will be assured that the sculpture is made with proper care. The box comes with a 3-inch and 2-inch size. It is designed by Susan Lordi who individually design every box manually only by using hands. The inside of the box includes a lot of places which make it perfect for gifting something small but interesting. Everything from construction to painting is done by hand. It comes with a bas-relief carving on lid though the lid is not attached. Another interesting side of the box is it can also be used as a decoration item of your home. As it is made with wood, it can be easily mix up with the furniture of your home.

A Classy Gift

There are a lot of gifts available in the gift shop to give a friend. You can gift a book, a flower, a bar of chocolate or something like that. But the Willow Tree hand-painted sculpted Keepsake Box is something that your friend can never think of receiving. If you are searching for a unique gifting idea, then the Willow Tree hand-painted sculpted Keepsake Box will be a perfect choice. Inside the box, you can also gift something like jewelry, trinkets, etc. Choosing a beautiful box for gifting can be a great way to show your personality to your friend. As there is a friendship saying inside the box, it will make a great gift to reveal your deep thoughts about your friend.

  • Included enclosure card along with sentiment written inside the box “forever true, forever friends.
  • Great way to communicate through gesture to represent your love or emotions for your friend.
  • Comes in a beautiful design with space inside the box to gift something small and valuable to your loved friend.
  • Originally designed by artist Susan Lordi, each piece is constructed from her studio in Kansas City, MO.
  • Available at a very affordable price; perfect for gifting small gifts such as ornaments.
  • No Cons Found.

To Whom It Needed

Willow Tree Friendship Box is designed as a sign of friendship. It can be a perfect gift for your best friend to show your gratitude to her. Moreover, it can also be a great present for your colleagues to let them know that you care for them. Besides, you can also consider it for gifting it to your sibling as well as cousins.

In Conclusion

As we previously said, when it comes to friendship, you simply can’t express how much you care for her with just your words. So a gift can be the perfect way to express your feelings to your favorite friend. You can choose the Willow Tree Friendship Box for gifting to your friend.

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