27 Useful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

The origin and legend of Valentine’s day are covered in mystery. Different sources convey different stories. The day is a remnant of both ancient Roman and Christian traditions. One weaves the tale of a priest who had fallen in love with his jailer’s daughter and wrote her letters. He signed the letters “from your Valentine.” Another legend speaks of a Saint Valentine that had defied his Emperor’s orders. He had secretly married lovers so that the husbands could be relieved from the duties of the war. No matter which legend one may refer to, it is always inevitably intermingled with love.

On Valentine’s day, couples irrespective of their gender shower gifts on their other half. Below are given some of the useful Valentine’s Day gift ideas that can bring a pleasant smile on his face.

1. Valentine’s Day Flowers

Flowers are the expression of love in its purest form. Flowers don’t need to be gifted to women only. Women could surprise their lovers with flowers as well. You could gift a single stalk of flowers or a bouquet of different flowers depending on your budget. It’s important to remember that it’s not the quantity but the thought that counts.

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2. Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Chocolates are loved everyone irrespective of their age. This is the kind of gift that you can never go wrong with it. There are different types, sizes and kinds of chocolates. They are available singly as well as in wrapped packets. You could choose from any one of these. Keep in mind the preference of your boyfriend and buy.

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3. Valentine Greeting Card

Making something from the scratch portrays hard work and the love you have for your partner. A handmade card easily reflects the immense love that you feel. The time, energy and creativity you invested will surely be appreciated and loved by your partner. Don’t doubt yourself while making cards. They don’t need to be perfect or great. They just need to be yours.

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4. Smartwatch

Men love watches. That is just a consensus. If nothing pops in your mind to gift your lover on Valentine’s day, you can easily go for watches. There is a wide section from which you can choose. They are available in about every color, type, and kind. You could with his regular preference or you could surprise him with something different.

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5. Shoes

Shoes are an integral part of our day to day life. We will always need them. There is a wide variety of shoes available online and offline. You could gift your boyfriend with regular work shoes. You can also gift him some fancy wedding shoes. You can also gift him the shoes that you know he has secretly always wanted.

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6. Valentine’s Day Tie

Ties make men look sharp, smart and suave. There is no doubt about it. The varieties and kind of ties available are sure to make you go crazy. Shop for a variety of them and make sure to dress your man in it. It could be a dual gift. For him to wear and for you to ogle him in it.

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7. Rose Gold Personalized Cuff Links

Cufflinks are undoubtedly part of a sophisticated lifestyle. They can be worn in shirts instead of buttons or they can be seen in shirts too. If your partner likes to live a professional and sophisticated lifestyle, be sure to buy him a pair of suave cufflinks. They can be worn on various occasions. He can wear it to professional office meetings as well as in personal events. So it is one of the most useful Valentine’s Day gift for him

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8. Coffee Mugs

Coffee has woven intricately in our daily life. Most of us can barely function without it. Coffee mugs are perfect gifts to remind your love that your presence is as important as coffee. If you want to add a touch of intimacy, personalize it. This personalization is done in various places available both in markets as well as online. So you can give this useful Valentine’s Day gift to your coffeeholic boyfriend.

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9. Tumbler Glasses

If your partner enjoys the delicate and fine tastes of life, gift him tumbler glasses. He will surely appreciate them. These are flat-bottomed liquid containers and are available in various shapes and sizes. You can shop them in contemporary or classic styles depending on the preference of your partner. It’s a useful Valentine’s Day gift for wine lover boyfriend.

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10. Personalized Cushion Cover

Cushions are always required. Either you use them to lie down or sit down. Cushion covers protect the cushions and make them last. Gifting personalized cushion covers could make your boyfriend think about you whenever that particular cushion is around. This gift is thoughtful and is easily picked out.

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11. Personalized Photo Frame

Photos capture the moments that fade by us. These are the memories that we can revisit again and again. In today’s digital world, we rarely print out pictures. A picture of just the two of you with a personalized photo frame is a perfect gift to show how much you love him. The picture doesn’t have to make you both look the best, it should just be authentic and filled with happiness.

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12. Toiletry Set

If your partner has to go for trips quite often, the toiletry bag is just the perfect gift you can give him. It shows how much you pay attention to his needs and makes for a stylish gift as well as a useful Valentine’s Day gift. Toiletry sets are found in various packages and are produced by several companies.

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13. Lucky Bamboo Plant

According to the principles of feng shui and Vastu Shastra, this bamboo plant is considered to be auspicious and is believed to bring luck to the owner. It is an attractive indoor plant that served as a decorative item and needs very little care. Two stalks pf these bamboo plants represent love and are a perfect gift for valentine’s day.

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14. Valentine Cakes

There are very few people in the world that don’t have a sweet tooth. Almost everyone loves cake. Cakes are available in various shapes, sizes, and flavors. These are found in several bakeries. You can make your cake more personal by baking it at home. Add his favorite flavor and this might be the gift that makes him love you all the more.

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15. Cologne

Colognes are the perfumes that are particularly marketed for men. These are available in different fragrances. Several brands sell them. These can be found in markets as well as online. These are usually on the high end of the expenditure scale. Searching for European or classic colognes could be expensive. But, nothing could compare to the happiness of your partner when he receives lt.

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16. Wallet

Wallets are an essential part of our daily life. It’s where we keep and store our money. Men have an affinity for well-tailored wallets. These are available in various shapes and colors. Several brands have different wallets. These are easily available and are loved by men just the same. So it’s a useful Valentine’s Day gift.

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17. Personalized Desk Clock

Oversleeping is an issue that we all face. Gifting your partner a personalized desk clock that wakes him up for his job is pretty cool. These are found in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors. You could also personalize it. It’s a gift that both useful and well thought.

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18. Coffee Maker

Having coffee early in the morning makes the whole day much more energetic. If your partner is an avid coffee lover, be sure to gift him a coffee maker. These are available in a variety of brands and can be easily bought online as well as offline. This is the best useful Valentine’s Day gift you could give a person whose day starts and ends with coffee.

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19. Camera

Some people love photography. It’s just not a profession; some may have a passion for it. If your partner loves photography, the best gift you can give him is a camera. Several companies produce the camera. There are various kinds of cameras available. An incompatible camera makes your gift look bad. Buy the one which is best suited for him. This could be expensive for him so keep in mind your budget while purchasing this useful Valentine’s Day gift.

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20. Personalized Pen Drive

It is a portable, storage device that can be used to store mages, files, data, and many other things. It is important and convenient to carry. A personalized pen drive is a unique gift for your lover. You can style it with some fun art or make it out of polished wood. Even you can add personalized text on its body. So it will be as personalized as a useful Valentine’s Day gift.

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21. Earphones

We all love earphones. These are essentially mobile phone accessories. These are available in various styles, colors, and brands. Buy him a stylish suave earphone and you may just win favor from him.

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22. Books

Some of us live, eat and breathe books. The world calls us ‘bibliophile’. If your lover is one of them, the most valued gift you can give him is a book. He will cherish it and love you all the more for it. Gift him the book of his favorite author or the book you know he has always wanted but never bought.

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23. Jacket

Jackets are stylish, cool and oozes swag. There are a plethora of jackets to choose from. These are available online as well an in markets. These are found in different styles, colors and brands. Give him the one that will make him look cooler.

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24. Cooking Accessories

It’s often said that cooking is the way to go if you want to win a person’s heart. If your partner loves to cook and makes delicious delicacies for you, buy him cooking accessories. Cooking accessories are a cook’s ultimate paradise.

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25. Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers or gift cards are widely appreciated. You can gift your boyfriend gift vouchers. Make sure that he can spend it on anything that he wants to be it music, games or shopping. Freedom to spend on anything he desires is a perfect gift that you can give him on valentine’s day.

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26. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speaker is a gadget that is trending nowadays. It can be used to play songs during a party or a friendly gathering. It can also be used as a household management system and is convenient for travel. If your partner is a tech lover, he will surely appreciate this useful Valentine’s Day gift. These are available in all outlets offline or online. Several brands market them. This could end up being on the high end of the expenditure scale.

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27. Holiday Package

A holiday package to any small or big destination is always loved and appreciated. You can plan a holiday to any destination that you think he will enjoy. The trip doesn’t necessarily have to be on the high end. It could be small, cozy too. Surprising him with a holiday package that gives him a reprieve for a few days will surely bring happiness to both you and him.

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Valentine’s day is all about showing your love, affection and care to your partner. The gifts are merely a physical expression of the love that you feel. The price and the quantity of the gifts rarely matter. The thought and the time that you invest to buy a gift is what truly matters. But, it is more important to make him feel loved and respected. Love him, cherish him not only on valentine’s day but on all the other days as well.

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