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Planting trees or saplings have gained significant importance in recent years due to the surging threat of Global Warming. One can observe little pots dominating the office desks as well as other nooks and corners of a home. These beautiful and cute pots not only decorate your place but the little saplings help to purify the air around you. While thinking of buying a plant pot, the first name that pops into our mind is Segreto. Segreto is a brand known for the manufacturing of beautiful and creative plant pots. The brand value of the company lies in the quality of the product and detailed designing of each flowerpot, delivered to its customers. In this article, we have summed up some reasons which make Segreto plant pots with sweet hedgehog family a promising thing to gift your loved ones.

This beautifully crafted plant pot comes in a size of 5.5*4.2 inches on the outer surface and the inner volume is 3*2.8 inches. It comes in a subtle grey color which can be used as a Brush Pot or Storage Pot as well. It is made up of resin which provides water permeability. Being permeable, it requires frequent watering in small amounts to avoid seepage and leakage. This cylindrical plant pot has no hole or opening at the bottom. It can be used to plant wet as well as drought-tolerant plants. Wet plants like Chlorophytum, Monstera, and Green Raddish can be planted easily while common drought-tolerant plants suitable for this pot are Cactus, Succulents, Aloe vera, etc.

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Why should you buy Plant Pots with Hedgehog Family?

You must be pondering why Segreto Pots and not any other brand. Segreto pots are made up of resins rather than plastic or wood. It makes them non-toxic and durable. The creative design of the pots is an eye-catching feature. This pot has a sweet hedgehog family carved on the outer surface. The hedgehog family displays a mother hedgehog with their home and little baby hedgehogs. It is a perfect decoration piece for desks, shelves, living rooms, and balconies. Besides the hedgehog family plant pots, a mini customized hedgehog fridge magnet comes with the package free of cost.

  • Best gift ideas for nature-loving people.
  • Affordable, light-weight, and durable.
  • It comes in various other designs and models.
  • Perfect for using on any desk.
  • New replacement or refund security by the brand, if the product gets damaged within the warranty period

Here are some planting tips before you use the plant pot:

● The Segreto pots are made of water-permeable resin thus excess water can result in leakage or seepage from the pots although the seepage rate is slow.
● The water should be given depending on the type of sapling planted. If you have planted wet plants, it needs to be watered on a daily basis. If the plants are drought-tolerant, they require less amount of water but at frequent intervals. For these kinds of arid region plants, give less amount of water in the pot, multiple times.
● Keep in mind that watering the pot will depend upon the local climate, the size, and type of the plant, the nature and amount of the soil used, and the air circulation. In winters and monsoons, watering will be less frequent as compared to the summer seasons.
● If you are not able to decide how frequent you should water your pot, just put a stick in the soil and check the humidity.
● Over time soil losses its nutritional component thus it is advisable to replenish the soil of the pot once a year to ensure healthy growth for your plants.

In conclusion:

Little and cute gifts like these hedgehog plant pots make adorable gifts for your loved ones who have affection towards nature. The planter comes with attributes like durability and light-weight. This gift can inject the passion of life in your little ones. Apart from being a beautiful planter pot, this hedgehog family pot can also contribute a little to reduce deforestation and air pollution. Now stop thinking and gift your loved ones this cute planter pot today. Happy Gifting!!

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