20 Personalized Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

February is the month of love because it is full of lovely occasions. The most awaited and popular one is none other than Valentine’s Day. As Valentine’s Day is just one and a half weeks away from you better start planning what to gift your girl to celebrate the love and bond you two share. As it is time to start thinking about some gifting ideas here we are with a list full of Personalized Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas that will blow your girl’s mind and make her the happiest girlfriend.

Besides Personalized Valentine’s Day Gift has a special power to win anyone’s heart over so other than if you are willing to propose the love of your life on this Valentine’s day then it is the best time for that too. Planning a proposal can be a daunting task but not if you have chosen the right gifts to present her with, so here in this article today we will be talking about some amazing yet unique gift ideas that your girl will love this Valentine’s Day.

1. Personalized Valentines Day Coffee-Mug

Though Printed Coffee mugs are quite common these days a classic remains classic always. If your girl is a coffee lover then nothing can be better than this. You can Personalize Valentine’s Day Coffee-Mug from both online and offline. Just choose a mug and the photo you want to print on it. You can print 2-3 photos in the coffee mug, maybe some romantic photos you two clicked last month. It will be a great way to keep it as a memory as well. Another thing you can do is to write some lines dedicating her along with the photos this gesture will make it even more special and valuable.

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Images: Personalized Valentines Day Coffee-Mug. Images Source

2. Personalized Magical Sequin Cushion

If your girl loves to decorate her room then cushions are a great option to go for. Though these cushions are not the simple ones these are magical cushions with sequin work all over it. You can get it from online stores as well as offline. Just choose the best photo of your girl and you are good to go.

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Images: Personalized Magical Sequin Cushion. Images Source

3. Take Her to a Surprise Holiday Trip

What’s better than a Holiday trip right? If you want to woo her by throwing a surprise holiday trip then you have enough time to do that. Consult with a tour agency and book a package for you two. Where you can spend some alone time and make a lot of memories.

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4. Book her a Salon Appointment

A little love and care can suppress any materialistic gifts and this simple yet unique gesture will show her how much you love her. So if this idea seems good to you then you can book her a salon appointment with some spa, facials or massages that will help her relax and she will be immensely moved by your initiative.

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Images: Jackery Portable Travel Charger Bar. Images Source

5. Personalized Handmade Card

We can’t always express our feelings in our daily life but occasions like these are the perfect chance to do that besides everyone loves to hear about what their loved ones feel about them and especially girls go drooling over when their boys do that. But if you are a little shy then you can handmade a personalized Valentine’s Day gift card and write all your feelings for her in it. And give it to her along with some flowers or chocolates.

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Images: Personalized Handmade Cards. Images Source

6. Personalized Engraved Wooden WristWatch

A wristwatch is another special thing that girls have a fascination for and your girl also has a thing for wristwatches then gift her one this Valentine’s Day. You can gift her one single piece of a wristwatch or get a pair of couple wristwatch for the both of you. This will ensure that every second you two spend together is as precious as the wristwatch is to her.

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Images: Personalized Engraved Wooden WristWatch. Images Source

7. Flower Bouquet and Chocolate

This is the most classic, common and popular Personalized Valentine’s day gift ever. Girls love flower and they love chocolates too. Some flowers and chocolates can impress any girl and your girl is no different than gift her this age-less combo on this Valentine’s day. You can gift a bouquet of vintage Red Roses or mix and match several other flowers to make a colorful bouquet and add a bunch of chocolates to them to prepare the most unique bouquet for your girl.

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Images: Flower Bouquet and Chocolate. Images Source

8. Personalized Valentine Desk Calendar

Though it is already one month to 2020 it’s never too late to gift a calendar. What you can do is to personalize the Calendar with photos and writings. Choose 12 cute and adorable photos of you two together and print them each month along with some cute memories related to the pictures. This will make a great gift and anyone would love to get a gift as thoughtful as it is.

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Images: Personalized Valentine Desk Calendar. Images Source

9. Personalized Photo Frame

Photo frames are another classic that never goes out of trend. You can either frame a single photo of her or a collage consisting of some of the photos of you two together. Nothing can be as good as a photo frame to look back and recall the memories connected with the pictures. If it is a single photo frame then your girl can keep it in her bedside table or if it’s a big one then she can hang it on her bedroom.

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Images: Personalized Photo Frame. Images Source

10. Personalized Matching Couple T-Shirts

These things are very much in trend and are perfect for all the young couple out there who are just starting with dating. Get a pair of matching couple T-shirt or Hoodie with fingerprint or lovely lines written on it. It looks cute together and we can assure you that your girl will love this personalized Valentine’s Day Gift ideas.

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Images: Personalized Matching Couple T-Shirts. Images Source

11. Personalized Jewellery

More or less all girls love to wear Jewelry and if your girl is one of them too then what’s better than that. Jewelry gifting idea is a little bit more suitable for mature couples. The jewelry item can be either a simple gold pendant or a ring even a bracelet. Whatever suits your budget go for that. But at the end of the day, the big smile on your girls face will erase all your doubts and confusions.

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Images: Necklace. Images Source

Images: Personalized Charm Bracelet. Images Source

12. Makeup Box

If your girl is a makeup junkie then you can gift her some makeup products undoubtedly. Girls love to wear makeup and if your girl is one of them too then you can always gift her some makeup item. Just know what makeup products she is totally in love with and buy them for her lipsticks are the most common and safe one you can go for. There are lipstick brands out there who make beautiful luxurious looking lipsticks you can buy one of her favorite colors and gift it to her to make her happy this valentine’s day.

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Images: Makeup Box. Images Source

13. Indoor Plants

If your girl has a knack for indoor planting then you can always gift her some Indoor plants that she can keep in her room and every time she will look at that plant it will remind her of you. Isn’t it romantic? These days plants can also be bought from online stores. There are multiple beautiful plants that you can gift her some of them being Lucky Bamboo, Areca Palm as well as various succulents. These plants require very little care and thus great for gifting.

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14. Instax Fujifilm Camera

Instax Fujifilm is a great gifting idea for photography lovers. Instax cameras come with a film rill that instantly pushes out the picture out of the camera. This one is great for creating memories and saving them instantly. They are usually small-sized but the quality is great according to the price. So if you are thinking of gifting her something unique then Instax Fujifilm can be a great idea.

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Images: Instax Fujifilm Camera. Images Source

15. Valentine Personalized Teddy Bear

Many gifts come and goes but Teddy Bears remain constant. Girls love to cuddle with Big soft Teddy Bears and if your girl is also one of them then just gift her a Big soft Teddy Bear that she can play with. There are various types and sizes of Teddy Bears available both in online and offline stores you can choose from. Buy the one that best suits her and your girl will be happy as ever.

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Images: Valentine Personalized Teddy Bear. Images Source

16. Wind Chimes or Dream Catchers

Remember when we talked about unique gifting ideas? These are the things we meant. A wind chime or dream catcher is something that she can hang on the doors nor the windows of her room. The sweet sound it makes every time someone enters through the door or every time the wind hits it will remember her your face.

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Images: Wind Chimes or Dream Catchers. Images Source

17. Valentine’s Day Perfumes

Perfumes are another unique yet great gift idea you can give her this Valentine’s day because what can be better than a good fragrance right? If you have any idea of what kind of smell she likes then undoubtedly gift her the perfume she was longing to buy for a long time.

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Images: Valentine’s Day Perfumes. Images Source

18. Romantic Novels

If your girl is one of the kids who love to read books then this might be the best gift for her on this Valentine’s day. There are several writers of every language who wrote amazing Romantic Novels. And if you want your girl to love you even more then it will be the perfect gift for her. If you know the one she was looking for to buy gift her the one without any second thought.

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Images: The Spanish Promise by Karen Swan. Images Source

19. Designer Handbags

Girls love to carry designer/branded handbags. If your girl also has a fascination for handbags then gift one without even having a second thought about it. Several brands make designer handbags for women if you know her favourite brand or one bag she is eyeing for a long time then gift her that and see how happy she will be.

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Images: Designer Handbags. Images Source

20. Get a Personalized Matching Tattoo

If you and your girl both want to get inked then it will be the perfect time to do that. Surprise her by taking her to a tattoo parlor and get a matching tattoo. Maybe each other’s name, your anniversary date or just a simple love sign any of these will be a great idea as long as you both are doing it together.

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Images: Get a Personalized Matching Tattoo. Images Source

The days are gone when the only gifting ideas people had are either rose, teddy bear or chocolate. Nowadays you get to choose from a lot of things about what to get your girl on valentine’s day. The only purpose of valentine’s day is to celebrate love, and celebrations need acknowledgment and the gift you are giving to her is nothing but a token of love to show her that you have acknowledged her love and willing to hold it for the rest of your lives.

So there are some of our best picks of Personalized Valentine’s Day Gift what you can gift to your girlfriend this Valentine’s day to celebrate the love and affection you two share.

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