15 Personalised Gifts for Father That Can Gift Your Dad at Father's Day

Father’s Day is the day dedicated to all the men out there who’s life changed since they first held their little one in their arms and became a dad is just a week away. Whether you’re a child still living with your parents or have moved away, a Personalised Father’s Day Gift, reminding your father how much you love him, will go a long way in making this day a special one for him.

No gift is big or small and no expression of love is more or less, but if you’re still struggling with ideas for father’s day gift, then here are some Personalised gifts for father that can help you out in bringing a smile to your dad’s face.

1. Personalised Gifts for Father Engraved Frame

This can be your father’s favorite possession with not only a photograph to remind him of you but also words of affection that can express the beautiful relationship you both share. The frame consists of a 4” x 6” space for a photograph, a customized title, 5-line poem and 2 lines of closing sentences.

Personalised Gifts for Father Engraved Frame

Images: Personalised Gifts for Father Engraved Frame. Images Source

This is the perfect gift for those who want to accompany a great photograph with some lines of expression of love for their dad on father’s day. You won’t need a card to write what you want, instead, you could just get your feelings engraved on this frame alongside the photograph.

2. Personalised Photo Metal Wallet Keepsake

A great reminder of your love for your father which he will read each time he opens his wallet. A personalised photo metal wallet keepsake is a great gift for those who want their father to look at a photo of them together and read a message of love many times in a day.

Personalised Gifts for Father Wallet Keepsake
Personalised Photo Metal Wallet Keepsake

Images: Personalised Photo Metal Wallet Keepsake. Images Source

This metal wallet keepsake fits perfectly well in the credit card compartment in a wallet, can be engraved with an 80-character message along with a photograph. This gift will be with your father forever, in his wallet and each time he misses you, he’ll just have to look inside his wallet to feel the warmth of his kids.

3. Personalised Heart Pocket Token

This little token of love and appreciation is a great personalised gift not only for dads but also for granddads. A small token of metal with a cut out heart and a personalised, 3- line message from you, packed in a velvet drawstring bag, will be a prized possession forever.

Personalised Heart Pocket Token

Images: Personalised Heart Pocket Token. Images Source

It’s one of the affordable options for a personalised gift for your father and will definitely make his eyes twinkle when he receives it from the apple of his eye. If you’re on a budget and yet, you want to give him a personalised gift and something that’s small and easy to carry, you cannot do better than this one.

4. Personalised Globe The World’s Greatest Dad

If your dad is stuck to his desk most time of the day, working hard and earning well for his family, then here’s a gift for his desk that will remind him time and again that he is truly loved and cherished. A personalised globe with the title of the ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ along with his name, will truly be a gift for the hard-working, corporate dad.

Personalised Globe The World's Greatest Dad
The World's Greatest Dad Personalised Globe

Images: Personalised Globe The World’s Greatest Dad. Images Source

The globe is made out of solid, glistening glass with a height of 3.5” and the globe measures 2.375” in its diameter, not to forget that it very much spins on its glass stand which is a 1.375” H x 1.375” W in its measurements. It comes packed in a satin box with great presentation, truly one of the best father’s day gift.

5. Personalised Crystal Desk Clock Nameplate Executive Monogram

Another great gift for the working dad is a crystal desk clock nameplate with your father’s name monogrammed on it. If your dad has a taste for the classy things, then this gift will definitely leave him surprised and happy.

Personalised Crystal Desk Clock
Personalised Crystal Desk Clock

Images: Personalised Crystal Desk Clock Nameplate Executive Monogram. Images Source

It’s made out of heavyweight crystal and measures 5” L x 1.5” W x 2” H with a removable clock so that your dad can set the time at his own pace. You can get your father’s name engraved to give it the personalised touch. It comes packed in a beautiful satin box which will give your personalised father’s day gift a royal touch.

6. Best. Dad. Ever. Personalised Golf Towel

It’s time to let everyone in your dad’s golf gang know that he is the BEST DAD EVER. Get your golf lover dad a personalised golf towel with the title of Best Dad Ever printed on it, along with some love from his kids. You can customize the personalised message on the towel and make it suitable for your message or sentiments.

Best. Dad. Ever. Personalised Golf Towel

Images: Best. Dad. Ever. Personalised Golf Towel. Images Source

You can choose from three different font colour options. The towel comes with a brass grommet and hook in the corner and measures 15” W x 25” L with a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The towel is machine washable so it will be easy for your dad to wash it.

7. Personalised Engraved Photo Plaque Wood

For a unique father’s day gift, which can also be a great personalised birthday gift for dad, you can gift him an engraved photo plaque made of wood. It is available in various sizes, from 4” x 5” to 9” x 12”, and can get your photograph with your dad, engraved on wood with 5 words, personalised message carved on it.

Images: Personalised Engraved Photo Plaque Wood. Images Source

This will make for a great decorative item on your dad’s desk or maybe the center table in the living room. It will be a collectible and a memorable gift for your dad for his entire lifetime.

8. Personalised Father-Daughter Painting

There’s a reason why art galleries and paintings are prized possessions and were considered the highest form of art that truly captures emotions and the essence of the moment. A digital painting of a picture of your father and yourself will be a great gift that will remind him of your relationship with him. It will be a great addition to your home’s décor and will be a collectible for life.

Personalised Father-Daughter Painting

Images: Personalised Father-Daughter Painting. Images Source

This digital painting of the photograph of your father and you can be printed anywhere at a digital print or printing studio, making it easy for you to collect the gift once it’s ready. If you want, you can also get the painting printed on items like mugs, t-shirts, wood glass, etc. making it easy for you to get it printed anywhere and gift it to your father.

9. Personalised Fishing and Camping Cooler Chair

What’s a better gift than a personalised one that your father can actually use on his fishing and camping trips? A personalised fishing and camping cooler chair can be customized with a single line of text of your choice and color.

Personalised Fishing and Camping Cooler Chair

Images: Personalised Fishing and Camping Cooler Chair. Images Source

The insulated cooler compartment has a capacity of storing 24 cans and measures 13” L x 9” H x 9” W. The chair is made of a durable metal frame with a padded seat for added comfort measuring 16 1/4"L x 12"H x 11 1/4"W, easy to carry on travels. There are rear and front storage pockets that can store some other necessary items required during travels. This gift will be a great addition to your dad’s camping and fishing gear, ensuring that he has a great chair to relax in, store his beer cans and fishing hooks.

10. #1 Dad Personalised Whistle Keychain

Another great collectible item for a gift, a personalised keychain with a whistle which can have engraved personalised messages from you on both sides, is an affordable choice for a father’s day gift.

#1 Dad Personalised Whistle Keychain
Personalised Whistle Keychain for Father

Images: #1 Dad Personalised Whistle Keychain. Images Source

It is made of stainless steel and measures 2” L x 1” W x ¾” H and comes with a round key ring for your dad to put his bunch of car and house keys. If you want something that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, is something that your dad will use on a daily basis, reminding him, of his kid’s love, then this is a great choice for you.

11. Personalised Multi-Tool and Hammer

If you’re looking for a father’s day gift for a dad who works around tools a lot, then this is a great one. A personalised multi-tool and hammer with a custom engraved two-line message will come in really handy. The tool consists of a hammer, pliers, 2.5" saw blade with file, flat head screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, bottle opener, reamer and wire cutter.

Personalised Multi-Tool and Hammer for Father's Day Gift
Personalised Multi-Tool and Hammer

Images: Personalised Multi-Tool and Hammer. Images Source

It measures 5.25” L x 3” W and comes in a black pouch which is packed in a black gift box, all ready for gifting purposes. This is a really great gift for those who want to give their fathers something that they can use and will come in handy at times of need, with a touch of personalization.

12. Personalised Torch Lighter With Cigar Punch

For the fathers who enjoy their smokes and cigars, this personalised lighter will make for a great collectible and father’s day gift, both. It can be engraved with any name and monogram with your choice of font style. It comes with a cigar punch on the side and lights quicker than any match or standard lighter.

Personalised Torch Lighter With Cigar Punch for Dad
Personalised Torch Lighter With Cigar Punch

Images: Personalised Torch Lighter With Cigar Punch. Images Source

It measures 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1/2". The lighter comes packed in a black gift box ready to gift to your father, on the day dedicated to all fathers. This is a gift truly meant for all the fathers in the gentleman’s club.

13. The ‘Because Of You…’ Father’s Day Gift Box

Can’t think of a single gift to gift your dad this father’s day? Well, you don’t have to gift him a single thing, who’s stopping you from gifting him many things? Yes, that’s what you’ll get in the ‘Because of you…’ father’s day gift box. It comes with a lot of stuff that’ll all be great for your dad to unwrap on his special day. Your father will get a great pine keepsake box engraved with the title, ‘Because of you’ and he can collect all his favorite memories in it.

The ‘Because Of You…’ Father’s Day Gift
The ‘Because Of You…’ Father’s Day Gift Box

Images: The ‘Because Of You…’ Father’s Day Gift Box. Images Source

Inside the box he’ll get a ‘Total Rock Star’ mug which will tell your dad how much of a rock star you think he is. A keying calling your dad the ‘World’s Cutest Dada Bear’ and a special ‘Super dad’ storybook which will be a personalised story of all the things that your dad loves, is scared of, where he lives, basically a story about him. Now if that’s not a perfectly cute father’s day gift, then what is?

14. Personalised Daddy Dinosaur Socks

This one is for the dads who aren’t scared of jazzing up their wardrobe and love a little color on it. These personalised daddy dinosaur socks are a great gift for a dad of little ones. It comes with a drawing of the daddy dinosaur and can be added up to three little dinosaurs and one in an egg.

Personalised Gifts for Father Dinosaur Socks
Personalised Daddy Dinosaur Socks

Images: Personalised Daddy Dinosaur Socks. Images Source

You can personalise it with names of the little dinosaurs and can be a great gift even for a father’s birthday. The little ones would love to see their daddy in these cute dinosaur socks that they will have gifted their dad on father’s day. Mothers, are you taking notes?

15. 'My Dad' Personalised Book For Fathers

A book that’s about dad and can be read to the little ones as their bedtime story? Now, that’s the cutest gift ever. A personalised book about a dad with facts and stories about the year dad was born in and all that he did, with jokes, stories, and illustrations about typical things that make a dad, dad.

Personalised Book For Fathers
"My Dad' Personalised Gifts For Father

Images: 'My Dad' Personalised Book For Fathers. Images Source

The little ones are going to love to read and listen to a story that’s all about their favorite hero, their dad. Wouldn’t this make the bedtime stories more fun?

In Conclusion

Although every day is father’s day, if there is a day dedicated to these special heroes of each daughter’s life and best playmate of each son’s life, then surely it deserves a special gift. Something that will remind a dad that he is loved and appreciated even if the kids don’t get a chance to tell him that each day. He needs a little something to let him know that he is the best thing that ever happened to his kids.

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