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The traditional WiFi routers have a lot of problems. Most of the time, they can’t provide the speed that we want and can’t send the Wi-Fi signal to all the corner of the house. Security is another important issue about the traditional Wi-fi routers which can be easily hacked. If you are going through such problems than let us introduce Luma Whole Home WiFi, a well-designed and smart home Wi-Fi tool. Luma Whole Home WiFi is highly optimized to provide you the best home WiFi experience.

It is equipped with multiple top-notch features which make it one of the great competitors of Google Home Wi-Fi and others. If you are tired of the Wi-Fi problems occurred in your usual router then you may consider buying the Luma Whole Home WiFi. To know more about the device, keep reading this article.

More importantly you can command & control from any where by using Luma app on your mobile device. It’s allow you pause the internet and prioritize devices. Even you can grant guest access & remove unwanted devices from anywhere with the Luma app. So if you want to pause the internet or prioritize a device it’s just take a minute. Another great feature is two gigabit Ethernet ports of WAN and LAN USB 2.0.

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Why Should You Buy Luma Whole Home WiFi?

Buffering is very frustrating to experience when you are browsing internet through your wifi. The Luma Whole Home WiFi is designed to give you a better experience by fixing the problems. Because it’s continuously occurs in our general wifi routers. Here are some factors which make the WiFi system a top pick for your home.

Top-Notch Performance

The best thing about the Luma Whole Home WiFi is its ultra-fast speed. The WiFi router is highly monetized to give you the best possible speed. It can cover deliver the WiFi speed almost every corner of the house. It uses MU-MIMO technology for efficient traffic management and beam-forming for sending the signal to the receiving the device faster. As a result, the speed will not drop that much even if you have multiple members in the house who is going to use the WiFi.

According to various sources, the router can give you a maximum speed of 1.3GBPS which is huge and one of the top speed available. However, the only problem is the range is a little bit shorter. But the problem can be easily solved using the mesh network or additional receiving device. When a single pack can cover up to 1000 square feet, the two pack can cover 1000 to 2000 square feet, and the three pack can cover 2000 to 3000 square feet.

Optimized Design

The Luma Whole Home WiFi comes in a beautiful and compact design. When compared with the other Home Wifi available in the market, it has a very smaller size though it is highly influential. As soon as you connect the three device packs in the mesh network, you will receive coverage of 4000 square feet from this small device. As a result, it becomes a perfect choice for multi-stored residential settings. Besides, as it has a hexagonal shape, it can easily put in a small corner of the home. Even it will easily suit up with any home decoration.

Parental Controls and Security

A lot of security concern is connected with your Wi-Fi routers. As your sensitive data and information will go through the device, it is highly important to choose a router which is strong enough to keep your data safe and secure. But unfortunately, most of the wifi routers available in the market don’t strong enough to keep your identity and privacy safe. If you are highly concerned about your security, then you must choose a wifi router which can give you the proper security. The Luma Whole Home WiFi is well-secured with a lot of security features. It has a unique “Network Secure” feature which is claimed to protect the whole network from any cyber threats.

The wifi router is also equipped with multiple parental control features. It can individually detect the user, and you can control the websites that the user can browse. With the help of the next generation content control feature, you can easily ensure that your child is only capable of browsing the appropriate websites. Not only this, you can set user rating (G, PG, PG-13) for all the persons using the network to limit content browsing capability according to their ages.

Easy Setup and Control

The Luma Whole Home WiFi comes with a straightforward setup process. All you require to do is unwrap the device from the package, download the Luma app in your smartphone and then set up the wifi network. You will be happy to know that you can control everything from pausing the internet to prioritizing devices, grant guest access and remove any unwanted device. Interestingly, you can control everything remotely from your smartphone. Another impressive feature is it has Amazon’s Alexa integration which means you can perform multiple tasks using the voice commands.

  • One of the fastest Wi-Fi routers.
  • Covers a long residential area with mesh networking.
  • Provide serious security to keep the entire network safe.
  • Smarter parenting for controlling user access.
  • Flexible and remote control available from the smartphone.
  • The mobile app requires some improvements.
  • There is no bridge mode in it.

To Whom It Needed

The Luma Whole Home WiFi can be a perfect choice for any big house or multi-stored residential building using the mesh network. Apart from providing a higher speed in such space, it can also help to control the appropriate contents browsing capability for the users. It can also be an excellent pick for individuals who are highly who are highly concerned about their security. With multiple security systems, the router will keep any wanted threats, malware, virus or cyber-attacks and protect the user privacy amazingly.

The Luma Whole Home WiFi can be a perfect gift for any tech-nerds. Anyone who loves technology will be happy to receive it as a gift.

In Conclusion

In the century of ultra-modern technology, we want to do our task much faster. The same thing is applicable for internet browsing. Everyone wants to browse the internet more quickly when keeping their privacy safe. The Luma Whole Home WiFi can help you to go through the internet faster than ever as well stay safe and secured virtually.

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