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Physical activity is highly essential for healthy development and the growth of the kids. It also helps to functions their body better, as well as improves their feeling and sleep. Moreover, physical activity keeps the kids safe from different kinds of chronic diseases and health risks. But as a matter of sorrow, it is tough to encourage the child to go out for exercising. In this perception, presenting you the tech tools kid boxing set which will keep your child busy all day and in the meantime, provide a great physical workout.

User Friendly:

The kid Boxing Set includes everything that you need for a boxing session. It comes with an easy setup and adjustable size so that both you and your child can get benefits from it at the same time. The inflatable punching bags come with a strong base and spring-loaded adjustable shaft which will give your kid a fantastic feel. The package also includes a pair of boxing gloves which are comfortable and safe. There is also an inflation pump for filling the bag when necessary.

Design for Kids & Teens:

Basically, the boxing set is designed for the growing kids as well as the teens. The height stand is adjustable on a large scale, and it should fit everyone preference. Also, it is safe for everyone as the spring mounted shaft is designed to springs back in its place every time after a hit.

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Color Kids
Item Weight 4.89 pounds
Shipping Weight 4.9 pounds
Height 35″ – 50″
Model Number PI-6160
Brand TechTools
  • Perfect gift for a kid to keep him physically and mentally fit.
  • Constructed with high-quality and durable materials.
  • Adjustable height to fit with anyone easily.
  • An adjustable shaft which takes the bag back in its place after every hit.
  • Comes with everything that needs for boxing.
  • Some users complained the punching bag doesn’t stay inflated.

In Conclusion:

The kid Boxing Set can be a great gift to a kid to motivate him for physical activities in a way which will also give him fun. It also works as a great stress reliever to enhance the kid’s mental state. The well-constructed and durable gift will be a great companion of the kid for a long time.

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