Pencil Cup or Pen Holder for Your Desk

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This is an uncommon gift as pencil cup or box because of typewriter themed design & faux stone composite. Everyone should have a pen holder anyway. Pencil cup on the table, the pens can be gathered in one place. We use different designs of pencil cup to make the table adorable. Hemingway Pencil Cup is an extraordinary pen holder that will enhance the beauty of others choice. It has a themed design like an old typewriter. So this is a cool gift idea for colleague friends. On your office desk, it will have a view of a writer. This will be a good and inspiring gift for a writer also.

Hemingway Pencil Cup for Desk

Image: Hemingway pencil cup. Image Source

Functional and Designed Oriented:

It has a design that is exceptional from other designing ideas. There is a pen stand at the middle. Its shape is designed as a cubic model with 5’’. As it is made of antique, that is quite unbreakable. It can hold all the tools of writing together.

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