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There are a lot of people who love to read at the late night. That is because it gives an awesome feeling which helps to enjoy the book at its best. However, sometimes the normal lights may create blinding glare which makes it difficult to read. Moreover, sometimes, you don’t get enough light as the position and angle of the light are different. The bedside lamp can be a gem for those who enjoy reading in the night. Apart from reading book, it can also help you to do the other works in your bedroom comfortably.

Bedside lamps can be a great addition at your bedroom. It comes with a number of benefits to provide you a decent living experience at your bedroom. Once, the bedside lamps were considered as a luxury item. But nowadays it becomes an important addition of the bedroom for most of the households. That is because of the enhancements that it provides and the flexibility to match your need. Today we will introduce you one of the best bedside lamps. The Elecstars Touch Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth speaker is one of the market-dominating bedside lamps currently.

The bedside lamps are highly flexible to enjoy reading from any position that you want. Moreover, you can adjust the brightness level of the light according to your comfort. Most of the bedside lamp can produce multiple colors and it can bring a romantic vibe to give you a heavenly feeling.

Another interesting thing about the bedside lamp is they are highly energy saving. You will notice the drop in electricity bill after start using a bedside lamp apparently. That is because they don’t require a lot of energy to illuminate like as like as the bigger overhead lighting.

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Why Should You Buy Elecstars Touch Bedside Lamp?

You may want to know why we are suggesting a particular bedside lamp and why you should buy it. Well, the answer is simple. The Elecstars Touch Bedside Lamp comes with multiple features and flexibility to give you the best experience. We have discussed some of the best features of the product briefly in below.

Stylish Design

The first thing that will amaze you about the Elecstars Touch Bedside Lamp is its design. The bedside lamp comes in a stylish and unique design. The beautiful design of the lamp will perfect suit with the other decoration of your house. Moreover, the product is constructed with durable ABS plastic and silicon material which helps the lamp to resist any kind of breakage and impact. The construction also gives the lamp a long-term lifespan. As it is wireless, you can easily put it at any location of the room.

Smart and Easy to Use

The Elecstars led touch lamp Bluetooth speaker comes with a modernized function which makes the product more appealing. Moreover, you can easily control everything from the light to the sound simply using your thumbs by touching the light. There are two types of color model in the lamp for the user’s convenience. The first model is A-White light mode. As soon as you will touch the light, it will turn on with the default A-white mode. You can easily control the brightness of the light by touching the mesh portion of the upper part. On the other hand, touching the mesh portion of the top for two seconds will turn on the Modle B-colorful light mode. There are six colors of light in the colorful mode including green, red, blue, purple, pink and yellow.

Big Battery for Long-term use

Another interesting thing about the Elecstars Touch Bedside Lamp is you can use it for a long time without charging. The lamp comes with an 1800 mAh battery which is more than enough for a bedside lamp. On a full charge, you can enjoy the light or the music for 10 hours at a row. The lamp comes with voice command which gives you voice notification on changes. The voice command only works while connected to the Bluetooth of your phone. So it is advisable to turn off the phone’s Bluetooth before you sleep so that it can’t wake you up The Bluetooth disconnect automatically when the battery is low.

Smart Speaker Lamp

Though the main function of Elecstars Touch Bedside Lamp is providing you light, it also allows you to enjoy music on its built-in elecstars Bluetooth speaker. You can connect it with your phone or computer to enjoy music on the speaker. On the other hand, it has a 3.5 audio jack which allows you to play music from Mp3 or iPod players. Moreover, you can also play music on the Elecstars Touch Bedside Lamp from TF card directly. The high configured speaker is pretty decent and produces beautiful and enjoyable sounds. There is also a built-in MIC in the speaker which allows you to pick up the call hands freely and talk with your favorite one comfortably.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are the answers of the most asked question about Elecstars Touch Bedside Lamp by the customers.

Yes, you can leave the lamp on while sleeping. However, remember that it will stop after 10 hours due to the battery usages. If you are going to keep the lamp on while sleeping remembers to disconnect the lamp Bluetooth connection from your phone. Else you may get disturbed by the voice proms.

Yes, you can use the lamp while charging. However, you may not want to do this often as it decreases the battery life.

When you will turn on the lamp, you will see the white color. After that, holding the top for two seconds will bring the colorful mode. You can change the colors by tapping one by one. The last color is red and after it, if you tap for once, the lamp will go in auto mode where the color will change automatically.

  • Beautiful and elegant design.
  • Strong ABS plastic and Silicon construction.
  • 3-level brightness control settings with 7 different colorful lights.
  • 1700 mAh giant battery for using a long time.
  • Comes with a built-in speaker and MIC.
  • Help you to sleep better.
  • Available at an affordable price.
  • The Bluetooth feature sometimes becomes erratic.
  • Some users found the Voice prompt feature disturbing.


There is no alternative to a bedside lamp to give your bedroom the best look ever. The Elecstars Touch Bedside Lamp along with crazy features will bring a heavenly feel to your house. The price of the product is also reasonable for all. If you are going to buy a bedside lamp for the first time then the Elecstars Touch Bedside Lamp can be a perfect choice for you.

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