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One thing obvious about the man who has beards is they need to shave. It can be for maintaining the clean face or for keeping the beard stylish. When a barbershop is an expensive option, most of the men prefer to shave by their own from the comfort of the home. Learning to shave their face is a skill that all the men acquire as they grow up, so it’s an easy job for them. After a shave, the face of the men become clear and confident, but the irony is it left behind a dirty sink covered with hair all over it. Most of the time, the men himself need to clean it off which is not something that he is mastered. Beard Trimming Apron Hair Catcher comes with a view to solving this problem most simply.

Beard Trimming Apron Hair Catcher is one of the best shavings apron available in the market which also includes clipping catcher. It can give you the freedom from the messy hairs while shaving. Keep reading this piece of writing to know much about the fantastic product.

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Why Should You Buy This Beard Trimming Apron Hair Catcher

The Beard Trimming Apron Hair Catcher can be a great companion of you while shaving. Here in below, we have described some of the top features of the product which differentiates it from the other available product in the market.

High Quality

Whether you are gifting a product for someone or buying it for you, the quality of the product always needs to be significant. It also illustrates your personality. Beard Trimming Apron Hair Catcher is constructed with high-quality polyester material. It is waterproof and comes with velcro straps designs which make it perfect for choice using conveniently. Though the apron is waterproof, it is washing machine safe. You can clean it quickly using the washing machine and hand dry.

Clever Design

The Beard Trimming Apron Hair Catcher comes with a unique design. The purpose of the design is to catch all the hairs while you are shaving. It ensures there are no hairs left behind when you are done leaving the sink neat and clean. While shaving, you will need to hang one part in your neck and another in the wall or the mirror. The opposite part of the apron comes with two strong suction cups which are so strong that they can even hold a 10lb easily. Another nice thing about the product is it comes in a suitable size which makes it perfect for a male of any age.

Easy to use

Most of the men require shaving early in the morning as they need to go to the office. The Beard Trimming Apron is designed to attach and use quickly. Here is how you will use the apron. The product comes in a zipped bag. At first, you will need to unzip and unpack it. Then wear the neck strap of the apron around your neck. Then install the suction cup in the left and right side of the mirror. Now you are ready to start your shaving.

Most of the hair will fall and held onto the apron with the help of the beard cape. As soon as you are done shaving, remove both suction cups gently. Now hold the suction cup with both hands and take it to the trash box. Now lower the apron so the hair in it can quickly be dumped in the trash bin. Now you can pack the cape in the pouch and store it to use for the next time.

  • Made with high-quality polyester material for long-term use.
  • Easy to use with adjustable neck strap and two strong suction cups.
  • Comes in a larger and longer size; don’t miss a hair.
  • Water-proof and washing machine safe design for convenient use.
  • Easy disposal of the hair after trimming directly to the trash can.
  • Simple design and perfect for traveling with the help of the storage pouch
  • The neck hooks are made with plastic, and they are fragile.  

To Whom It Needed

The Beard Shaving Apron is really a great fit with someone who needs to go through the lengthy process of shaving every day. The apron can help you to reduce the time of shaving by making the functionalities easier for you.

On the other hand, if you are a woman, then this is a cute gift idea for your husband. If you need to clean the messy hairy sink every day after your husband performs a shave, then it can be a great present for him. You can also consider it as a gift for your male cousin, siblings, colleague and boyfriend.


Do you know, according to some stats, around 40% of the break-up in the US happens just because of the man’s failure to clean the mess after shaving. Well, we don’t know whether the stat is accurate or not, it is better to stay careful. To keep away such tragedy from happening, you need something like the Beard Trimming Apron Hair Catcher. Not only it will save your time and keep the sink clean, but also keep your wife happy.

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