Beard Shaving Cape Apron - Cute Gift Idea for Men

This is absolutely necessary thing for every men. Now-a-days most of the busy men are using beard shaving cape apron at morning of the day. Because it’s not only time saving but also easy to use. So beard clippings catcher can be a cute gift for bearded men. It’s has various useful aspect. Because it keeps neat and clean the bathroom. The apron catches your beard and hair trimmings while shaving just like a salon cape to allow an easy disposal. It also eliminates the need to clean up around your sink. Keeps your bathroom counter top tidy and save time. So no more fussy clean ups!

How to Use the Beard Shaving Cape Apron?

  1. Attach the cape to your neck with the adjustable Velcro strap.
  2. Insert 2 suction cup hooks into the holes on the other side of the cape.
  3.  Secure the suction cups on the mirror.
  4.  Begin grooming your beard, letting the hair clippings fall into the cape.
  5. After shaving, remove the suctions cups gently. Lower to the trash bin and let the facial hair sliding off the bin.

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How to Use the Beard Shaving Cape Apron

By using this pretty simple beard/ hair catcher or grooming facial hair is not longer a very messy and time consuming task. The bathroom sink and counter are no longer a hairy disaster which is seemingly impossible to fully clean up. Catches your beard and hair trimmings while shaving just like a salon cape to allow an easy disposal. No Mess,clean up in seconds!

Beard Shaving Cape Apron

Product Description:

  • Made of waterproof material, feel soft, washing machine safe, hang dry.
  • Handy design, make your shaving easy, keep your bathroom tidy and clean.
  • Easy to setup on mirror with supplied suction cups.
  • Velcro neck straps allow you to conveniently put the apron on & take it off.
  • No more mess! No more clogged sinks!
  • One size fits all.
  • Its simple design and use makes it suitable to bring along on your travels as well.
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