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Smart speakers are dominating the market from their arrival. Amazon Echo series is one of the most popular smart speaker series of the current time. Recently, they manufactured the new Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) which comes with a lot of optimization. Enabling us to automate a lot of works the little small tools are making the life of the user much more relaxed and comfortable. If you are planning to gift a smart speaker to your loved one, then you should consider the Amazon Echo Smart Speaker with Alexa. The product is available at an affordable price and also performs better than the other smart speakers in this price range which makes it a perfect gifting choice. Here in this article, we will discuss some of the top features of the Amazon Echo 2nd Generation that you need to know.

Do you want to make voice control your home? Amazon Echo & Alexa designed a voice control 2nd generation speaker. Now it’s a great choice as a gift idea for tech savvy guys. It’s designed with a impressive outlook. It has 6 customize style so it must fit with any requirement of choice. Although features of Echo is great with Alexa. It can be control with your voice. Echo connects to Alexa to play music, make calls, send & receive messages. It also set music, alarms and timers. It’s also gives weather updates. You can also control smart home devices such as TV, Smart Lights, Coffee Maker, Thermostats, Garage Doors, Sprinklers and more. All you have to do is Ask.

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Why Should You Buy Amazon Echo?

Why Should You Buy Amazon Echo instead of the other smart speaker available in the market? If this is the question going through in your mind currently then let us clarify it for you. The Amazon Echo 2nd Generation is one of the most optimized smart speakers of the current time. As it has Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, you can do anything from streaming music to turn on your smart TV to control the light and fans of the house, and much more. Moreover, it has more than 70,000 third-party skills which allow you to use this tiny device for a lot of purposes. In below, we have discussed the main feature of the Amazon Echo.

Decent Sound Quality:

Interacting with the user by talking is the primary purpose of any smart speaker nowadays. The Amazon Echo can do it correctly with its well-designed sound components. First of all, it has dual-speaker powered by Dolby, which means it can provide you much better sound than the previous version of it. The music is enhanced and clear so that you can flawlessly use it on a daily basis. Moreover, as it has Dolby speakers, you can also get an impressive music experience from it. However, let us warn you one thing if you are a serious audiophile, it may not impress you that much as it is designed for light music experience. However don’t worry, it has a 3.5mm audio jack which can allow you to connect a better speaker for enhanced music experience. It also has Bluetooth, and you can connect your Bluetooth speaker with it too.

Sophisticated Design:

Amazon doesn’t give that much attention to the design of their product. However, the Echo Smart Speaker with Alexa (2nd Generation) is much stylish and compact as well as original looking than its ancestors. It has a soft and fabric colored exterior which can easily mix with your home décor. Moreover, it comes with removal skin which means you can change it anytime you want. There are three types of skin including oak, walnut, and metallic silver. The second Generation Echo is more comprehensive as well as taller than the previous Echo. There is a LED ring around the top edge of the Echo which becomes blue when it is listening to you and becomes red when the microphone is off.

There are two buttons on second Generation Alexa, one of them is for activating Alexa, and another one is for muting the microphone. There are also two switches for controlling the music which comes instead of the twist dial option which is slightly classical. Amazon also claimed that there is a 2.55 woofer as like as the previous one but a new and smaller tweeter. The power connector is in the side of the gadget instead of underneath.

Affordable Price:

The second Generation Amazon Echo comes at an affordable price. The Amazon Echo was priced around 150 USD when the new second Generation Echo cost less than $100. Though it comes with a lot of improvement as well as new features, Amazon decreased the price instead of increasing it. In this price range, you will hardly find a smart speaker which can decently perform their works from a reputable manufacturer. You can also buy the refurbished version of the Amazon Echo 2 which is available at a much lower price and comes with some improvements.

Overall Performance:

Okay, now let’s talk about what the new Amazon Echo can do for you. The microphone is optimized to catch your instructions much easier. It can detect your voice from a larger distance. You may hear that the speaker sound is not so better when compared with the other versions of it. However, Amazon quickly brought a software update which has almost solved the problem. Now you can call or message anyone hands freely with its sharpened skill. Apart from this, you can also announce the other rooms of the home using this. Besides, it can now detect on which room it is located. Moreover, it is continuously getting smarter as well as adding new skills like video game playing, fitness tracking, etc. and much more. We can claim that the overall performance of the second Generation Echo is better than the other versions of it.

  • Available at an affordable price.
  • Attractive design with changeable covers.
  • Skilled voice assistant with thousands of skills.
  • Automate a lot of works with just voice instructions.
  • It is always getting smarter with automatic updates.

In Conclusion:

Technology is bringing changes in our day to day life. It is believed that one day all the human tasks will be automated using computerized AI components. We can say that smart speakers as like as the Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) are one of the signs of this.

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